8 Things to Know Before Going To College

Before leaving for college, there are skills that every freshman should have acquired. Many upperclassmen have a list of things they wish they knew before college. Here’s a list of things to know before going to college! 

  • Laundry - Hot or cold wash? To bleach or not to bleach? Separate colors and whites? Or throw them in together? Learning the basics of laundry is a must before heading off to college.
  • Balancing a Checkbook - If you plan to make use of a checking account or debit card, knowing how to balance your account is very important. Overdraft and bounced check fees can add up fast!
  • Credit Cards - Many college students will get their first credit card when they go off to school. Make sure you understand the terms of your credit card and payment procedures. Make a plan to pay your entire balance each month to avoid large credit card interest rates. Establishing a good credit score begins with paying on time. When it comes time to buy a car or home or even rent an apartment, a good credit score is needed.
  • Basic Cooking - Being away from home means that sometimes you just want a nice home-cooked meal. Over the summer, try to practice a few staple recipes that you can make in your dorm!
  • Keeping in Touch - Talk with your family and friends about how best to stay in contact. Sometimes an occasional text message or email will work, but other people in your life might expect more frequent phone calls or FaceTimes.
  • Avoiding Procrastination - College classes and assignments differ from what you may be used to in high school. You might not have as many assignments, but you can expect them to be longer. Keep a planner to stay up to date on your assignments and due dates and avoid procrastination.
  • Advocating for Yourself - Realize that it’s okay to need help, and know how to get help if you need it - whether it’s academic, medical or personal. Explore the services offered by your school and know how to access them before you even get to campus.
  • Vaccines Before College - Vaccinations are important for college students who are living in shared spaces and in close quarters. There are a few key vaccines for college:
    • Bacterial Meningitis
    • Tetanus
    • Diphtheria
    • Pertussis
    • HPV
    • Flu 

Now as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, many students are considering, “Should I get vaccinated before college?” More and more colleges are saying they’ll require students to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Do your research to learn what your school and state require.

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