Our Story

Our passion for helping families navigate the path
to higher education is what drives everything we do.

It's Personal

We empathize with parents who are going through this process. Every parent wants to provide the best opportunities for their children, and that means being informed and strategic in their choices. Looking at each family individually and developing a personal plan is what has led to more than two decades of success and hundreds of successful young professionals with bright futures as proof of the process.


Our Mission is to provide strategic, highly personalized college admissions and financial aid guidance for families throughout their higher education planning.

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Meet Bridget

As CEO of The College Bound Admissions Academy, Bridget is a passionate and dedicated advocate for developing students’ agency and self-actualization before, during, and after the critical college decision-making process. Since founding the company in 2002, she’s transformed the lives of hundreds of students and families with expert guidance, powerful mentorship, and insider knowledge to better prepare teens for life through the context of their college-planning experience.

 As a long-term and recognized expert in this industry, Bridget knows college planning is not just about academics and career path. It’s about life. And without a lot of life experience, students are placed in a paralyzing position of choosing the right college. And frankly, that’s an impossible task until they can answer the question: what’s right for me? Teens who can tap into their inner compass have greater direction, clarity and confidence to make informed choices. Learning how to do that is an investment that will always deliver a higher rate of return and serve them throughout their entire lives.

Bridget’s own educational investments inform and structure her work, while providing tremendous value to her clients. She has a Master's degree in Educational Psychology, certifications as a Confidence Coach and Professional Co-Active Coach, and is a Licensed Brain Health Trainer. Her extensive experience, education and expert approach are woven together to create a safe space for students to truly invest in themselves and unlock their own potential. 

Our Approach is...



No child is alike so their journey to college won't be either. College Bound customizes a college admissions & financial aid plan for each student based on their individual strengths, interests, and resources.



Some kid's can't wait to go to college. Others procrastinate. No matter the case, we work to motivate, challenge and inspire our students to become the "best candidates" for their top college choices.



Let's be honest, strategy is important. We know what is important in the admissions & financial aid processes. 
Our strategy will help you understand where your efforts and resources are best spent.


College planning is tough.
We are here to help.

Ready to start planning for college but not sure where to start? We would love to chat with you and determine the best next steps for your family!