College Admissions Programs

Comprehensive College Admissions Planning

At College Bound Academy, we help our families look beyond marketing slogans on college brochures claiming they are the “perfect match” for your son or daughter. We focus on the unique qualities of each person — and strive to
match students with colleges that will be the best fit for them.

While one student may be destined for an Ivy League school, another is equally matched with the prospect of a large state university or a small private college in a rural area.



Seeing the Whole Picture

Everyone (and every situation) is unique, so your personal advisor will help you create a customized college admissions plan based on your child’s strengths and interests.

Because the majority of our clients desire financial aid assistance, family resources are taken into consideration throughout the entire college planning process. In other words, affordability planning starts early.

College Planning Starts Early

The average length of time a family spends with College Bound Academy is 18 months. Optimally, students enter our all-inclusive program as early as their sophomore year, engaging in career exploration discussions and attending in-house seminars that give teens positive strategies to live up to their full potential.

However…Many families don’t call us until their child’s end of the junior year or beginning of their senior year when they are in application “season.” That’s OK! Our program is effective wherever you are in the process.

Our Effective Process

Our staff continually adds to their knowledge by visiting colleges on a monthly basis. We know the atmosphere, admissions philosophy, and curriculums of various colleges.

Our program is designed to:

  • Explore careers, majors and fields of study
  • Develop a strategic college search plan and identify selection criteria
  • Build their resume – with things that matter
  • Establish ACT/PSAT/SAT/SAT II Testing Recommendations
  • Prepare for college visits and interviews
  • Compare college curriculums
  • Gather glowing letters of recommendation
  • Brainstorm college essay ideas & edit – while still maintaining the student’s voice
  • Create an application plan (when to apply, how to apply and what forms to use)


College planning is tough.
We are here to help.

Are you ready to plan for college but not sure how to start?
I welcome an opportunity to chat with you and determine
the next steps for you and your family.