Acing the Interview

Interviews aren’t often required, but many times they’re offered as a way for schools to know their applicants. You should see college interviews as your time to shine. The interview alone is unlikely to be the deciding factor on the decision of your admission, but making a good impression can help your chances. 

Making this good impression begins with first doing your homework. Prior to your interview, visit the school’s website, check out their social media, read over any printed material you have, etc. Jot down any notes and questions, then be prepared to discuss them during your interview. Be clear on what about the school interests you (i.e. major, special programs, location, opportunities, groups, etc.).

Here are some college interview tips to make sure it goes smoothly on the day of:

  1. On the day of your interview, be sure to arrive on time (or even a bit early). 
  2. Dress appropriately in business attire. 
  3. Shake hands with your interviewer and make eye contact.

The best kind of interviews are conversations—ones that are a back and forth discussion. You will want to answer questions with thought-out answers and refrain from one-word answers. Be prepared to talk a lot about yourself. You most likely will be asked about your goals, major areas of interest, activities you participate in, and more. Try a practice interview with a parent, friend, or advisor to get some feedback.

When your interview comes to a close, be sure to thank your interviewer. Try to get a business card or name and address so you can handwrite a thank you card—that way your good impression lasts!

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