Last-Minute Summer Plans To Help You Prepare for College

Have your summer plans all set? If you’re still searching for a productive way to spend your summer, try to land an internship or attend SAT college prep courses.

Internships allow you to “try on” a potential career path and can give you first-hand knowledge about what a typical day looks like in your possible profession. Other than an apprenticeship, an internship is most likely the best way to learn how well a particular profession fits you, your values, interests, and plans for the future. Networking during an internship can introduce you to contacts that can help to mold the beginning of your professional network. And, these contacts can often open up learning opportunities.

There are many ways to go about setting up an internship. It might be a little late now to apply, so you’ll want to look to your parents’ network of contacts. First, consider the people you or your family know who work in the field(s) that interest you. Approach these individuals yourself, or ask family or friends to contact them on your behalf. Look to your teachers, those in your school community, etc. to see if they can offer suggestions for internships.

Try visiting the website of a relevant professional organization. See if they have any internship postings and/or look for an email to reach out to ask about the possibility of an internship. Make sure you are clear about what you wish to accomplish and let them know what you can offer in return. Highlight your skills in your resume and cover letter, and be sure to pinpoint when you’re available. You can expect to do menial services,, but the internship can help you learn about opportunities in that career. Many internships are unpaid, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a paid one. Regardless, the experience you gain can provide benefits that last a lifetime.

If an internship isn’t in the cards for you, trying preparing for the SATs with college prep summer courses. Taking the SATs can be daunting especially since it is required by many colleges and universities for admission. SAT prep programs can ease test anxiety by familiarizing you with the exam, develop strategies and skills for taking the test, and overall improve your score.

SAT prep courses are available in-person, online, or even as self-guided programs. A simple Google search can show you all the available in-person courses in your area. The Best Schools lists the top online courses as well as self-guided courses that range from free to paid programs.

Preparing for college or your eventual career can lead to a productive summer.

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