Your Applications Are In—What Now?

Your applications are in—time to enjoy the relief of the last submission. But, don’t relax fully just yet. Many schools allow students to check application statuses by logging into their portal. You should also check your email regularly for important communications. If you are messaged about a missing document—don’t panic! The document could simply be lost in their system as there is a lot to be accounted for! But, still, check on any “missing” items.

Typically, you need to wait for an acceptance before applying for housing. But, there are some schools that allow students to submit preliminary housing applications whenever they apply for attendance. This can be important at schools that don’t guarantee housing for freshmen. To get the best chance at your preferred housing choice, apply as soon as you’re able to. 

Financial aid deadlines are looming which means that FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) should be completed as soon as possible. With funds limited, it’s best to apply as early as you can. You can find financial aid and scholarship information HERE. And you can complete FAFSA HERE. Many private institutions require a CSS profile in addition to FAFSA. You can access that form HERE.

Consider registering for a scholarship search engine such as FastWeb. Check with your high school counselors to see if they have a list of scholarships you can apply for. See if any local organizations are offering scholarships. The amount of the scholarship may be smaller, but there are most likely are fewer students applying for those. Don’t rule out a $500 or $1000 scholarship without first looking at the applications. If the process will only take an hour or two, why not apply? Little amounts here and there can really add up!

Don’t forget to keep up with your schoolwork. Regardless if you’ve been accepted early access to your dream school, an offer of admission is always contingent upon successful completion of senior year. Don’t let lower grades or a lightened course load jeopardize your admission. Be sure to let the admission office know if you make any significant changes to your schedule. 

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