Motivators, Planners, Problem-Solvers

Preparing for college starts long before
high school graduation. Making the right choices early makes all the difference for your child's journey.

What Sets Us Apart

Personal attention-along with expert advice - is the hallmark of our program, where Bridget and her support staff brings to students and parents the in-depth knowledge that can only come from over 80 years of combined experience working at both the high school and college levels. We limit our practice to 30 students per grade to be able to afford our families the best customer experience – which means accessibility. We are available to answer questions, solve problems and to motivate our students seven days a week. It’s not a job, it’s a calling.

It is a fact that the more guidance high school students receive about college, the more likely they are to attend college and be successful students. Since college is the launching pad for your child’s career and his or her adult life, shouldn’t you try to obtain the best, most comprehensive guidance possible?

 We invite you to set up a complimentary college planning meeting – and join with us to create a College Bound Academy success story for your family.

How We Support You

College Bound Admissions Academy's mission is to provide strategic, highly personalized college admissions and financial aid guidance for families throughout their higher education planning.

We do this by: 

  • Customizing a college admissions & financial aid plan for each student based on his or her strengths, interests and family resources.
  • Motivating, challenging and inspiring our students to become the "best candidates" for their top college choices.
  • Maximizing financial aid, creating options and helping families make informed decisions.


College Admission Programs

When should I visit a college? Do I need a resume? How do I gain a competitive edge? How do I decide on my top choice? What should I major in? For all high school students, college planning can be a confusing process.


Financial Aid Program

Financing a college education is one of the largest investments a family will ever make. Seeking the advice of experts  to maximize your financial aid eligibility.


Testing Prep

How you prep for your college entrance exams is as important the score you receive – it can impact your bottom line. A high score may mean ‘preferential packaging’ at some schools.


Essay Editing

When curriculums, test scores and GPAs look the same - how do you set yourself apart? Essay writing is about revealing who you are, what's important to you, and why it matters.  You have a story - let us help you tell it!


Student Athletes

For high school athletes who wish to pursue their love of individual or team sports as they move into college, the expertise of College Bound Academy extends into management of the entire recruitment and application process.


For College Grads

We offer a unique, proprietary,
3-step process for helping you recognize ideal career paths and jobs for you. We bring decades of experience working earnestly with people who want to know how to best use their time and talents and how to land a job that aligns with that. 

"College Visit" Guide to make your visit count

Free Download

Being prepared for your college visit is often overlooked, but we know how important it is to ask the right questions and have the right mindset going in!

Download our FREE College Visit Guide before you head out to make the most of it!

From Student to Success

One of our success stories, Elena LaQuatra from WTAE, walks you through how college bound can help you through admissions and financial planning. With our support, your family can avoid mistakes and avoid a mountain of debt when your child graduates!

What Our Families Are Saying

We were so impressed with everyone’s warmth and kindness as they took us through the college search process. We feel that Bridget and her staff see their role at College Bound as not just a job, but as a personal commitment to their students and families. They listened to all of our needs and helped (our daughter) Bridget find a college that is a good match for her personality and wishes and hopes.

Gale and Patrick

College Bound has been a real asset to our family for the past four years. The professional staff has guided us through the entire college experience from the selection of schools through the application process and completion of financial aid forms. Both of my kids have benefited from the practical seminars offered at College Bound.

Susan and Tom

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College planning is tough.
We are here to help.

Are you ready to plan for college but not sure how to start? I would love to chat with you and determine the next steps for you and your family.