Why Take the PSAT/PLAN?

Why-Take-the-PSAT-PLANAlthough no one enjoys taking standardized tests, there are a number of good reasons for 10th and 11th grade students to experience the PSAT or PLAN exams before taking college admissions tests. The reports generated by the PSAT or PLAN give you feedback on your strengths and weaknesses in those skills necessary for college study. By taking these practice tests well in advance of the SAT or ACT, you will be able to focus your preparation on those areas that will most benefit from additional study or practice.

Compare Your Performance

Each report will also compare your skills with a national college-bound peer group, thus permitting you to realistically assess your own performance. This becomes helpful as you begin to consider your college options. The types of questions and the directions given on the PSAT are very similar to those on the SAT. The PLAN questions and directions mirror that of the ACT. Students gain a practice advantage by taking these preliminary tests before the “real” thing.

Help Colleges Find You

The PSAT’s Student Search feature and the PLAN’s Educational Opportunity Service provide students with opportunities to hear from colleges that have the characteristics or programs they seek. The PLAN also incorporates a career inventory that may help you as you look toward possible future fields of employment.


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