5 Tips For Staying Organized During The College Application Season

There's a fifth calendar season that appears during senior year: application season. With so much going on during this time, it's often difficult to stay organized and ahead of the game. The following tips are suggestions to help you stay on track and on time with your college applications.

1. Make a Calendar for All Deadlines

With all the different steps in the application process, it’s easy to lose track of time and due dates, especially when the regular school year starts again, and you’re trying to remember more immediate deadlines for schoolwork assignments. Print out a calendar exclusively for keeping track of college application deadlines, school visits, and overnights, and place it in a central location to ensure that you’re always on top of where you need to be and what needs to be sent in.

2. Work on Applications and Essays in a Designated Workspace

Just as you might have a specific study area for when you do your homework, choose a spot in which you work only on your college applications and essays. It can be difficult to focus relaxing in your bedroom or in the kitchen with the television on, so consider setting aside a certain time to visit the library or stop in at the College Bound Admissions Academy classroom to ensure you get some work accomplished. Meeting deadlines rather than missing them is easier to do when you work ahead and concentrate. 

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Surviving College Admissions Season - A Pledge

I have accepted the fact that my parents are clueless. I am serene. I will betray not a tremor when they offer opinions or advice, no matter how laughable. My soul will be light as a feather when my mother elbows her way to the front of my college tour and talks the guide's ear off. I am serene.

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After You've Submitted Your College Applications

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Lights, Camera, Early Action! Now, Rolling Admission!

Once you’ve chosen what type of application to complete, filled out the forms, and gathered all the paperwork, you’re now faced with the problem of figuring out how you’re going to submit your application! With choices like ‘Rolling,’ ‘Regular,’ ‘Early Action,’ and ‘Early Decision,’ it’s important to know the differences between them. Now that you’ve chosen the schools, this can help you choose how to apply for them. There is no ‘right’ way to apply, and your individual circumstances should always be taken into consideration when looking at the options.

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5 College Planning Tips for the Summer between Junior & Senior Years

  1. Finalize Your List

Whether you’ve known since the second grade that you’re going to apply to Bucknell, or still can’t tell the difference between one business program and another, the time has come to finalize the list of schools you’re going to apply to in the fall. The deadlines for applications creep up on you faster than you think, and scrambling at the last minute to find out details about a particular school’s admissions process or scholarships is something nobody should have to do. So solidify the list you’ve started to a range of reach, target and safety schools, and stick to it.

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